Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bill$: An Amazing Read for an Educated “Queen”



Okay, ladies listen up! How many of us can say we’ve taken our degree, used the information we’ve learned from class, and pressed out something that’s not as dull as a textbook? Sydney Hedberg took her double major in risk management and insurance and managerial finance from the University of Mississippi to create an amazing tool for educated “queens” to use for the rest of their lives.

In “Barneys, Bergdorf’s & Bill$: A Girlfriends’ Guide to Finance”, Sydney answers so many “real world questions” about finances that many women don’t learn from their parents. Usually, good ole mom and pop just push you out the nest and expect that you land on your feet financially. This is a broad notion for most of us. Young women don’t always know what credit is or how to discuss their 401(K) options with their new employer. This book definitely has taught me how to get started with managing my own budget, investments, and completing the dueling task of getting my own insurance. Doesn’t this sound exciting? I know this isn’t a subject us girls love to talk about. We’ve all been there with our parents checking our bank and credit card statements. It’s not the most comfortable situation. Our spending rituals get thrown in our faces and if you’re like me you don’t want to relive that money you spent over the weekend on brunch and mimosas.

I’m an avid book reader. Until I received this easy read, a finance book has never been put on my bookshelf. It’s a page-turner! In every chapter, knowledge just pours out of its pages. It’s filled with charts and figures to break down every concept. You will not feel like you’re being beat up by your financial advisor. You will find yourself having a meaningful conversation with a girlfriend. These are conversations that should be had on shopping trips and Saturday brunches. Financial stability is important. Statistically women usually allow husbands, fathers and other male counterparts handle their finances. After reading this book, you’ll have the confidence to tackle this task yourself.


We all want to be girl bosses. This is a book that should be thrown in your bag all summer. It’s definitely in mine. It’s right next to my Chanel lipstick (one of my infamous guilty pleasures). You need “Barneys, Bergdorf’s & Bill$” by the pool, at the salon or even when your man is tuned into those boring sports this summer. Sip your tea and soak up some finances with it. We do not want to fall into the shadows of our husbands. So, let’s get into formation and take control of our own financial stability. We need this book. Get your very own copy of “Barneys, Bergdorf’s & Bill$: A Girlfriends’ Guide to Finance” and grab a fellow girlfriend a copy on Amazon! This is a major key!!