My Natural Hair Journey

Today marks me wearing my natural hair for a full month!! *queue the confetti* When I first “big chopped” in November, I was very discouraged about how my hair would react to not receiving relaxers. I was terrified of not wearing weave, because I wasn’t sure I trusted my features enough to be just totally bare and exposed.

Today’s society has black women kind of brainwashed to think we’re only pretty with extras added. This is a lie. I found myself digging deeper into myself as woman by letting my hair do exactly what it was made to do. It flourished. It’s healthy. This is my authentic self. IMG_2121







These are the products I use to help my curls stay on fleek:


4 Inexpensive Items That Keep My Melanin On Fleek

It’s confession time! I’m one of those people with the really weird skin. Some days my skin is really dry and others it can be really oily! It’s more often oily than dry! This makes a huge difference in my daily beauty routine. Most days I can shower, wash my face with Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar (oh yea, did I mention have eczema?) and go straight to putting on my make-up. But other days where I have small, dry patches on my forehead and cheeks, I can’t just throw on foundation! Even my arms on my bad days can be excessively dry! My hands take a lot of stress from hand soaps and sanitizers. Having dry skin is not sexy!

These are some products I use to keep my skin smooth and my melanin always on FLEEK:

Vaseline, both the petroleum jelly and lotion, are great for the arms and legs. Sometimes, the formula for petroleum jelly can be a little thick for the entire face, but it definitely does the trick for dry lips.

Paula’s Choice Body Butter is great for dry hands and feet. Vaseline could also be used for feet, but the formula can make the soles of your feet feel a little slippery inside of shoes. If used on feet, soaking the formula in the skin by putting on socks is suggested. I love the way that feels during bedtime.

The raw cocoa butter is amazing for any skin complexion. It can help even out the tone. That’s my main use for it. It’s great for removing scars and evening out the tone. No more piling on concealer. If used constantly, you will begin to see a more even skin tone.

These products only cost me $34 total! You can’t beat that bargain. Your skin will thank you!

Beauty Haul | Products I Love This Summer

Since I’ve been in New York my make-up bag has been bursting at the seams! You would think Vera Bradley‘s large cosmetic case would hold more. This summer I’ve been falling in love with a lot of products that are new to my overweight bag and I. Being an intern at Good Housekeeping, you get your hands on some pretty amazingly expensive things, lol. Lipsticks and Lip glosses:   Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and Urban Decay IMG_1845

Lippies #1, 2 & 3: Chanel’s Rouge Coco in 410 Catherine, 444 Gabrielle, and  414 Sari Dore’ 

Lip glosses: Urban Decay’s High Revolution Lip-Color in Bittersweet and Liar

Lippies 3 & 4: Elizabeth Arden’s Matte Shades in Bold Red and Barely There

These lip products are perfect for summer because of their moisturizing ingredients. With the summer heat, we all need a little more moisture in our lips. These lippies are more glamourous than Vaseline!

Illuminator, Blushes and Eyebrow Dip:  IMG_1850

 Urban Decay’s Afterglow in Bittersweet and Indecent

NYX’s Illuminator

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dipbrow in Chocolate

These products are perfect before and after long summer nights. UD’s Afterglow blushes give your face a bright lift. You won’t look tired, even if you actually are.

Face Products:

IMG_1851Sephora‘s Pro Allover Powder Brush #61

Real Technique’s Beauty Blender

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Mocha

These products have helped make sure my face not slide completely on the floor. The powder brush is my favorite allover brush, so far! The beauty blender helps create the matte look of your foundation, but Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth lets you keep a hydrated look for the summer.

These products have become apart of my daily make-up routine! They are definitely going to stay in my bag!

Continue to follow my journey!