#BringBackOurCurls Collaborated With Dove’s Love Your Curls

Today marks me wearing my natural hair for a full month!! *queue the confetti* When I first “big chopped” in November, I was very discouraged about how my hair would react to not receiving relaxers. I was terrified of not wearing weave, because I wasn’t sure I trusted my features enough to be just totally bare and exposed.


Today’s society has black women kind of brainwashed to think we’re only pretty with extras added. This is a lie. I found myself digging deeper into myself as woman by letting my hair do exactly what it was made to do. It flourished. It’s healthy. This is my authentic self.

So, to encourage other women to be their authentic selves I started a social media campaign that would start a conversation. #BringBackOurCurls will be able to transcend across all social media platforms. We’re planning to receive at least 100,000 submissions from followers we’ve earned from the planning stages on our social media accounts.

My team and I collaborated with Dove’s Love Your Curls campaign. With the help of Dove, the campaign will be able to generate and reach a bigger audience.

dove-we-want-you-to-love-your-curls love_your_curls_infographic-503b

Dove embodies the same passion and mission statement that my team and I does. We want women to embrace their natural curl patterns and put away their straighteners. Encouraging women also helps to reach younger girls, who struggle with the same lack of confidence in their hair.

Make sure to follow this journey with the hashtags #BringBackOurCurls and #LoveYourCurls. Submit pictures and videos of you and your curls by hashtaging your posts.

Disclaimer: this was a class assignment; I’m not affiliated with the Dove #LoveYourCurls campaign or Dove.


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