Mr. Telephone Man There’s Something Wrong With My Line..

Fall is approaching in Oxford fast, and I’m totally prepared. Fall is my favorite season for fashion. Anybody can put together a sundress and sandals for the summer, but once the weather breaks you notice who has true style.

DSC_0580I keep my wardrobe stocked and prepared for the season changes. Most pieces in my closet can transcend from one season to the next easily.

This summer I wore halter tops that could be paired with anything. So, to take this Forever21 black halter top from summer to fall quickly, I paired it with a faux leather skater skirt that I’d gotten from ASOS a couple of years ago. Together they are magical.


This faux leather skater skirt inspired me to bring out my leather Chinese Laundry wedges. These shoes helps every element in the look to mesh perfectly together. I add gold accessories to bring some light to the darkness.

I’m wearing my hair in its natural state right now, so, hoop earrings are a must in jewelry box right now. I love how my hair adds to the look. Along with the location, I feel like it’s the 70s in London!

I pray this fall be filled with amazingly good style, and it’s captured by great photos.



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