Sunday Brunch Style Inspiration

Since I’ve been in New York, I’ve been missing my Sunday Brunches in Mississippi with my friends. We would go to our favorite places, either Big Bad Breakfast or The Beacon in Oxford. Those are both amazing places! Shrimp and Grits, biscuits with sausage gravy or butter biscuits would be some of the delicious choices. I’m getting hungry writing this post.
Most Sundays, we’re usually recuperating from Saturday night madness, but we never miss an amazing brunch. Regardless if it’s sunny or rainy we make our way to the food and ambiance.
On any given Sunday you can catch me dolling it up with my makeup and a cute outfit. Even though I didn’t make my way to church, you would think I went.
To give you guys a little inspiration and a taste of what you could catch me in at any local brunch restaurant. This Polyvore set is an amazing Sunday Brunch Inspiration Look!
A cool, linen dress and gladiator sandals are perfect for this hot, summer weather. Sunglasses to block the sun and possible hangover face, lol. A huge, bucket bag to throw your mascara and gloss in (and possibly anything you’ve left at your friend’s house the night before).
Sunday Brunch Inspiration

Roman sandals


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